As a not-for-profit organization we rely on the generosity of private and public donors to create our innovative programming. Please consider investing in the integration of arts, science and technology by giving to one our donation programs listed below.


The Subtle Technologist program aims to cultivate an engaged network of supporters who are acknowledged publicly on our website and within newsletters to our subscriber base.

Each of the 4 set giving levels in the program provides clear examples of how specific donation amounts can be utilized and encourages targeted fundraising that will go directly towards programming.

After making your donation, a staff member will be in contact to gather information for your online donor profile and newsletter feature.

Level 1 | AMPLIFIER ($35.00)
A one-time donation of $35 provides funding for:

  • Equipment rentals like sound systems and media players
  • A Facebook Ad or a Google AdWord to more effectively promote festival events/participants

Level 2 | CONDUCER ($75.00)
A one-time donation of $75 provides funding for:

  • An honorarium for a master of ceremonies, DJ or live projectionist
  • A comp ticket for a student, senior or arts worker to engage in full-day educational programming

Level 3 | GENERATOR ($150.00)
A one-time donation of $150 provides funding for:

  • An honorarium for a guest speaker or workshop instructor
  • A high-impact online advertisement to promote festival events/participants

Level 4 | CATALYST ($250.00)
A one-time donation of $250 provides funding for:

  • An honorarium for a maker to exhibit, demonstrate or perform new work(s)
  • Sponsorship for an out-of-province participant to travel to/from festival events
  • A single-run of professionally printed postcards or posters to promote festival events/participants


A donation to our general fund supports ongoing programs like our annual festival but also supplements special projects and development initiatives like:

  • our young and emerging artist commissioning fund: y-AXIS
  • facilities and venue rentals
  • research activities and professional development
  • equipment acquisitions


All donations are tax-deductible for the maximum eligible amount.

* Charitable donation tax credit estimates do not take into account all possible tax situations. The charitable tax credit is non-refundable and can be used to reduce your income tax for a given tax year.

2014/15 DONORS

Alice Liang
Austin Clarkson
Beverly Clarkson
Birgit Siber
Bob Ramsay
Britt Oldenburg
Cary Sandford
Celeste Alvaro
Cheryl Atkinson & Don Schmitt
Daniel Cooper
Deborah S. Lewin
Dimitri Papatheadoru
Doug S. Laxdal
Gillian Green
Gregory Colucci
Isabel Beveridge
Jana Macalik
John Cirka
Julia & Gilles Ouellette
Helen Kabriel
Lynn Appleby
Lynne Heller
Margaret Graham
Marta Braun
Martin Davidson
Mitchell Cohen
Nathalie Bonjour
Nina Czegledy
Pat Henson
Peter Dey
Peter Langham
Sheilah Wallin
Susan Spencer Lewin
Sam Zuk
Sydney Browne
Tania Bortolotto
Vera Straka
Yvette Jancso

We also graciously acknowledge support from: