Open Access
Curated by Farah Yusuf

Friday May 23, 2014, 7-9pm
Paul H. Cocker Gallery, Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson University
325 Church St., Toronto, ON

From citizen knowledge, DIY initiatives and maker spaces to cross-disciplinary collaborations and artists making sense of scientific data, the Poster/Demo Session features a diverse range of projects across various disciplines. They are united in the common spirit of Open Culture, which favours knowledge sharing, explorations, experimentation, and re-interpretation of specialized data.

Hacklab.TO — Hacklab.TO Member Projects
Maggie Flynn — Anarchist Free Archive
Risa Horowitz — Imaging Saturn (modelling views): an interdisciplinary exploration in visual and media arts astronomy
Scott Kobewka and Sheraz Khan — Toronto Sound Prints
Joana Moll — AZ: Move and get shot
Joseph Emmanuel Ingoldsby — Tropical Coral Reefs in Uncertain Seas
Thomas Rex Beverly — Telepresent Storm: Rita for iPads, live electronics, and projected graphical score
Milton Friesen — TRIAT—Tiny Researcher in a Tube
Marinos KoutsomichalisAfroditi PsarraMaria Varela — Oiko-nomic Threads