Ink, Brush & Fork

Sunday May 14th, 6-9pm

The Depanneur
1033 College Street, Toronto

Led by Lisa Carrie Goldberg
Owner and Lab Director of Action Potential Lab

Cheffing by Christopher Showalter (Grapefruit Moon, Tramonto, Weldon Park)

Admission fee:
$110 Regular ($60 registration fee + $50 materials fee)*
$75 Student/Arts Worker ($25 registration + $50 materials fee)*

*Materials fee covers an ethically-sourced squid, dissection tools and painting supplies.

Online registration is closed

The perfect excuse to play with your food!

Mixing the studio, laboratory and fine-dining experience, artist-scientist Lisa Carrie Goldberg will lead learners through a basic dissection and butchery of their very own squid, including careful extraction of its multipurpose ink. The edible parts of the squid will then head over to the kitchen to be transformed into an artful seafood entrée courtesy of Chef Christopher Showalter.

While participants wait for their hard-earned meals they’ll be able to use the raw harvested ink to paint and print-make. Leftover ink can be jarred and taken home with participants for future creations or a one-of-a-kind conversation piece.

As some of the oldest ocean dwellers, squids and other cephalopods have fascinating anatomical features and complex digestive systems that are virtually unlike any other phylum. By providing an opportunity to experience a squid from scalpel to steak knife, Subtle Technologies hopes to foster greater appreciation for cephalopods and a commitment to sustainable consumption of these amazing creatures.

All ages welcome to participate
Specimens have been ethically sourced for educational purposes.