Subtle Technologies

Annual General Meeting 2019

Date: June 20, 2019

Time: 7 – 9PM

Location: Ryerson ARC 205, 325 Church St, Toronto, ON



  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of Subtle Technologies 2017 AGM minutes
  4. Report on Subtle Technologies 2018 programming (presented by Keiko Hart)
  5. Report on Subtle Technologies current financial status (presented by Lewis Kaye
  6. Report and discussion on the future direction of Subtle Technologies
  7. Amendment to Subtle Technologies’ By Laws 
  8. Board election
  9. Varia
  10. Adjurnment



Participants: Lewis Kaye, Lamont Abramczyk, Jenn MacArthur, nichola feldman-kiss, Keiko Hart, Adrienne Matheuszik, Phillip Beesley

7:18PM – Call to order.

7:20PM – Jenn Macarthur moves to accept Subtle Technologies’ 2019 AGM agenda.

  • Lamont Abramczyk seconds
  • All approve

7:22 – Lamont Abramczyk moves for revision and approval of Subtle Technologies’ previous Annual General Meeting minutes

  • Phillip Beesley seconds
  • All approve

7:28PM – Keiko Hart reviews Subtle Technologies’ 2018 programming

  • Keiko provides a report on We++, a program on genetics and genealogy that took place from October 17-20, 2018 at Ryerson University and OCAD University, with workshops at Gamma Space.

7:31 – Lewis Kaye reports on Subtle Technologies’ current financial status

As of June 20, 2019:
Community Plus chequing 1 $17,908.56
Bonus Shares 1 $104.54
Membership Shares 1 $15.00

  • Explanation of bank account balance correlates with the organization to scale down its 2018 festival
  • Discussion with regards to audited financial statements

7:44 – Philip Beesely motions to provide Lewis with agency with regards to representing Subtle Technologies financial obligations in relation to the CRA

  • Jen MacArthur moves
  • nichola feldman-kiss seconds
  • All in favour

7:46 – Phillip Beesley motions to accept the financial report as presented by Lewis based on the board’s understanding that Subtle Technologies has been exempted from providing audited financial reports by the Toronto Arts Council and the Canada Council but will be preparing the financial returns as the board understands them to fulfil CRA requirements. Having reviewed the financial situation presented, the board feels that fiscal responsibility has been demonstrated during the period reviewed.

  • Lamont Abramczyk moves
  • nichola feldman-kiss seconds
  • All in favour

7:48 – A discussion whether or not for Subtle Technologies to maintain charitable status is initiated. It is agreed that recommendations should be presented at Subtle Technologies’ 2020 AGM.

7:50 – Report and discussion on new direction of Subtle Technologies

  • The discussion is moved to the to Subtle Technologies’ Board Meeting proceeding Subtle Technologies’ 2019 AGM.

7:52 – Motion to amend to Subtle Technologies’ general by-laws 

  • nichola feldman-kiss movies
  • Jenn MacArthur seconds
  • All in favour


  • Amendment to By-Law no. 1, sec. 18: to reduce Subtle Technologies’ number of directors from 7 to 5.
  • Lewis brings to attention a discrepancy in Subtle Technologies bi-laws. No documentation can be found with regards to Subtle Technologies board moving from four members to five members (which in turn moved to seven)
  • A discussion ensues with regards to whether Subtle Technologies board should be limited to four or five members. 


  • Election of Board members
    • Slate proposed: nichola feldman-kiss, Jenn MacArthur, Lamont Abramczyk, Lewis Kaye
    • Jenn MacArthur moves to accept the slate as proposed
    • Lewis Kaye seconds
    • All in favour

8:05PM – Revitalization & renewal of Advisory Board

  • Phillip Beesley is invited to serve as a member of Subtle Technologies’ Advisory Board.
  • Phillip Beesley accepts

8:10PM – Varia

8:16PM – Motion to adjourn 

  • Lamont Abramczyk moves
  • Lewis Kaye seconds

8:17PM – Subtle Technologies AGM 2019 adjourned