The Language of Digital Textiles Co-presented with InterAccess

Featuring works by:

May 5th – June 11th, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday May 12th, 6-9pm

At InterAccess
9 Ossington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Digital media, once thought to be fundamentally intangible, has been shown in recent years to affect the physical world in very real and measurable ways. Data transformed into networked, interactive formats in fact has the power to educate, connect, visualize a politic and produce emotional response. This [inter]web of relations mimics key properties of another technological achievement: textiles. One of the human race’s oldest technologies ironically serves as the perfect metaphor for its latest inventions.

As the digital age presses on, artists and industry alike must consider the possibility of digital textiles. Entangled in both narratives of past and future, what terms define this ethereal artifact? What does the evolution of textiles from analog to digital media imply or reveal about our own march through time? The artworks featured in this exhibition— woven with light and numbers yet dependent on human presence for their significance—pointed to the complexity of these questions and began to elicit new vocabulary for a more hybrid materiality.

Photography by:  Natalie Logan