RGB Textiles
Creating Animated Fabric Through Colour Vibration

Co-presented with InterAccess

Sunday May 15th, 2016, 11am – 5pm

Featuring work by:

Philippe Blanchard and participants created costumes that lit up and animated under a computerized light show.

Participants explored Philippe’s new media installation practice, experimenting with the interaction of light on coloured dyes and pigments. Designing costumes out of fabric, printed-paper and other pliable materials, participants learned firsthand how colorimetry and colour perception work to create the illusion of movement.

Participants were also exposed to the mechanics of designing computer-controlled light installations with Max/MSP and LED lighting. Employing these technologies in the filming studio, participants finished the day by shooting short animations of their creations in action.

Summary of activities:


  • Lecture on Philippe Blanchard’s practice and other uses of light and colour in installation art history
  • Hands-on demo: tie-dyeing, painting
  • Hands-on demo: draping techniques


  • Hands-on workshop: surface treatments such as beads, stitching, appliqué
  • Lecture on scientific and technical aspects of light show design: colorimetry, metameric failure, Max/MSP, LED lighting, DMX lighting control
  • Photo/video shoot and animated GIF creation

Here’s a look at some of the fabulous work created during this workshop.