Image courtesy of Dipna Horra

Saturday May 30, 2015, 9am-4:30pm at Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street, Flex Studios Gold and Silver (Rm 106 & 107)


9:15 | DR. FRANK A. RUSSO Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of SMART Lab, Ryerson University

Music as a technology for oscillatory coupling within and between brains

This talk will be divided into two complementary parts. The first part considers the perception of music from the perspective of oscillatory dynamics. After a brief discussion of physical principles that govern oscillatory coupling, I will consider its role in the perception of pitch, rhythm and emotion in music. The second part of the talk uses the same oscillatory framework to interpret new findings on the effectiveness of music as an agent of neuroplastic and social change.

10:00 | KATHERINE KENNEDY Artist and Lecturer, Electroacoustics, Concordia University


Voicing Public Space: Hmmm performances from 2005 to the present

The composer will discuss strategies for enabling adhoc groups to create sonic flashmobs, through her ongoing performance piece, HMMM. The non-verbal aspects of singing are explored, allowing the voice to be used in new ways.

11:00 | MITCHELL AKIYAMA, PhD Composer, Artist & Scholar

The Object of Permanence: 2500 Years of Frozen Sound

The speculation that sound is endowed with material, tangible properties that make it susceptible to storage has, for centuries, haunted literature and philosophy. This talk will chart the prehistory of sonic storage, listening for moments at which philosophers and inventors imagined that sounds might possess an immortality that could outlive their makers. We will hear not only of acoustic condensation due to icy conditions, but also of the haunting and spectral quality of sonic storage, a phenomenon that continued a nineteenth century obsession with preserving the bodies—and the voices—of the dead.

13:00 | LORETTA FAVERI Artist, Designer and Co-Founder of SonicWear Studios

Turning Movement into Sound: How SonicWear is using wearable technology to inspire creativity and innovation


This session looked at SonicWear’s research and development of SOMO, a wearable sensor that turns body movement into music and how the device is changing the way we think about creative movement and dance education.

14:00 | MARC DE PAPE Artist, Designer and Consultant, Experience Design, ThoughtWorks

Sonification and the Poetic Translation of Data

This talk will be an exploration of digital sensing, physical computing and qualitative pattern making as it relates to our understanding of the lived environment. Increasingly, digital technology is being applied to the abstraction and modeling of natural phenomena for the purposes of prediction. However, this ignores the potential to utilize digital sensed data, from precise engineered instruments, for expressive purposes. Some of these uses may bring attention to patterns that impact the experience of the world, rather than simply describe it.

15:00 | DIPNA HORRA Media Artist

Sounds of (Dis)Location: Audio Art projects, 2009-2015

Works presented in this talk offer the sense of hearing to evoke hybrid musical and visual spaces layered with aural memories. Subtle sound strategies are used to investigate deeper social contexts of storytelling, cultural identity and architectural elements. The installation of these objects in space is an exploration of ephemeral boundary conditions. Here, structures develop and the physical presence of sound proposes an elsewhere, an in between dwelling.


Collaborators from the Collide event on May 28 speak about their research, creative process and the greater social and cultural contexts for their work.


In tandem with this talk:

Dance performance and intervention by Lucy M. May (Compagnie Marie Chouinard) & Erin Fortier

This choreographic performance hones in on the transformative properties of the body to reveal relationships in time. Sculptural reference points stand in for the forces that influence the active, reactive, and coincidental relationships between human, animal, and nature.

14:30 | Colliding Galaxies: Colour & Tones (JAYANNE ENGLISH & NICOLE LIZEE)