Responsive Architectures (2006)

Subtle Technologies


How do responsive systems affect us? Scientific research, art and architecture come together in this multidisciplinary forum documenting the 2006 Subtle Technologies Festival of Art and Science. Subjects include electronic art and performance installations, research in cell structures and natural systems, and design of Interactive buildings. Discussions include historical context and contemporary implications.

Edited by:

Philip Beesley 
Sachiko Hirosue 
Jim Ruxton 
Marion Trankle 
Camille Turner



Toward Responsive Architectures
Philip Beesley, Sachiko Hirosue and Jim Ruxton

Natural Systems

Second Nature: Natural – Digital Synthesis
Peter Hasdell
University of Manitoba

The Architecture of Life
Donald E. Ingber
Harvard Medical School & Children’s Hospital

Natura Naturata: The Civic Stewardship of Urban Nature
Val Rynnimeri
University of Waterloo School of Architecture

The Concept of Fate Through the Lens of Genetics
Sema K. Sgaier
New York University/University of Toronto
F. Berenshteyn, A.L. Joyner, S. Miller, C. Song, M.P. Villanueva

Cell Migration and Pattern Formation Guided by Dynamic Microenvironments
Melody A. Swartz
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology/Northwestern University

New Materials 

Smart Materials
D. Michelle Addington
Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Designing Matter and Responsive Metallobiomaterials
Cassandra L. Fraser
University of Virginia

Translations and Mappings

Digital Representations, Analogue Realisations
Phil Ayres
Architecture School of Arhus/sixteen*makers

Architecture and Movement
Sarah Bonnemaison and Christine Macy
Dathousie University

Indeterminate Drawings
Nat Chard
University of Manitoba

Social Ecologies 

Embodied Space for Ubiquitous Computing
Erik Conrad
Topological Media Lab, Concordia University

Living in Limnos, Betwixt and Between: A Trans-Reality Balkan Odyssey
Gheorghe Dan
Of0003 I maschinenkunst

Solar Collector
Matt Gorbet, Susan Gorbet, Rob Gorbet
Gorbet Design Inc.

Enactive Encounters in the City
Karmen Franinovic
Zero-Th Association/Concordia University

Sonic Investigations 

Vocal Voids
Pip Greasley
De Montfort University

Breaking the Architectural Sound Barrier: How New Audio Technologies are Reshaping Space
Jim Lutz
University of Memphis

Tactical Sound Garden Toolkit
Mark Shepard
State University of New York at Buffalo

Get Out of the Room, Get Into the Head: Headphones and Acoustic Phenomenology
Charles Stankievech
Concordia University

Performance and Performing Spaces 

passus: A Choreographic System for Kinaesthetic Responsivity
Susan Kozel and Gretchen Schiller
Simon Fraser University/Brunel University

Structured Growth and Grown Structures
Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney

Bystander – A Responsive, Immersive ‘Spirit World’ Environment for Multiple Users
Kate Richards
Sparke Media

DomeWorks: Perception, Reflection, and Projection in the Dome of Consciousness
Diana Reed Slattery
DomeWorks/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Responsive Structures

HybGrid: From Form Generation to Form Adaptation
Jordi Truco Calbet and Sylvia Felipe Marzal
HYBRIDa – Universitat internacionat de Catalunya

Responsive Material/Responsive Structure
Scan Hanna
University College London

Moving Structure
Pavel Hladik
Architectural Association

Shape Control In Responsive Architectural Structures
Tristan d’Estree Sterk
The Office For Robotic Architectural Media and Bureau For Responsive Architecture

So What Would Nature Do?
Steven Vogel
Duke University

Canada Design Research Network Parametric Design

Every Designer is an Editor
Rob Woodbury
School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University
With contributions from Mark Cichy, Sean Hanna, Patrick Harrop,
Davis Marques, Neal Panchuk, Zhenyu Qian and Shane Williamson

Autokinetic Strategies: Time and Complexity in Parametric Modeling
Patrick H. Harrop
Department of Architecture, University of Manitoba

Rule Based Selector
Davis M. Marques
School of Interactive Arts & Technology, Simon Fraser University

Stock Space
R. Shane Williamson
Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, University of Toronto



Camille Turner   

Abstract Realism
Gisele Trudel /Elab

Implant Matrix
Philip Beesley and Wilt Elsworthy
University of Waterloo School of Architecture with Robert Gorbet and Steven Wood

Utility Fog: The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of
John Storrs Hall

Exchange 2006
Nancy Nisbet
University of British Columbia

Responsive Environments  

Responsive Environments: An Exhibit of Works From Architecture, Science, and Art Practices
Marion Trankle
School of the Arts in Amsterdam

Ben Bogart and Donna Marie Vakalis

Towards 8-bit Architecture
Marc Bohlen, Brian dark, Brian Diesel, Hans Frei, Omar Khan

Intelligent Skin: Media & Architecture
Vera Buhlmann
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Eric’s Thesis: Of Image and Imagination
Eric Bury

Bone Audio Speakers: An Art/Science Project Investigating the Piezoelectric Properties of Collagen
Boo Chappie
SymbioticA Art and Science Collaborative Research Laboratory
The Liveness Manifold

Hear Being Here
Frances Crow and David Prior
University of Plymouth/Dartington College of the Arts

The Hand Up Project: Attempting to Meet the New Needs of Natural Life Forms
Elizabeth Demaray
State University of New Jersey

Mitazzo Marine Centre, Sicily
Giannis Douridas
DNA architects-team. Urban Future Organization,
London Metropolitan University

Robotic Immersive Environments and Artificial Life
Jessica Field

Responsive Architectural Environments
Mattia Gambardella

Isabell Gonzaga Material Cross-Scale Intelligence
Paz Gutierrez & Donald Gensler
Gensler + Gutierrez

Cara(s)pace: Fabricating with Composite Elastomers
Omar Khan
University at Buffalo

Floating Realities
Margot Krasojevic
University College London/Greenwich University

Playful Infrastructure
Sergio Lopez-Pineiro Perez
Holes of Matter

topoTransegrity: Non-Linear Responsive Environments
Robert R. Neumayr

Adaptive Structures
Paul Nicholas and Tim Schork

SIeepingBagDress Prototype (2003-2004)
Ana Rewakowicz

Christopher Rabbins
Rhode Island School of Design

nBots: Nanorobotic Environments
Peter Yeadon
Rhode Island School of Design


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